The way we handle Pre-Order purchases. You should sign up for our mailing list as we will notify all mailing list customers at what time and what day the dolls will go up for sale. 

  • Once they are live on our sight you can place your order. 

  • Depending on the estimated shipping date from Integrity we will either require payment in full or a deposit. This will be stated on each item. Ship dates are to be announced by Integrity, however our shipping time is within two days of the items arriving to us. 

  • The prices are not always the same as the club announces. Depending if the doll is shipping the same month or later they are to be paid in full or deposit only.  If it is shipping imminently they are due in full if for future month a non refundable deposit is due. 

  • Shipping:  Whatever you order the website will calculate shipping cost and give you a couple of options.  However if you place an order for 5 dolls that are all shipping at different times of the year we will hold your order until complete before shipping.  If you want each doll to ship as they come in there will be a separate charge for each shipment.

  • You should register on our site in advance, check out requires you to register so if you are already registered you don’t have to waste time checking out.  Some times dolls have sold out quickly and as fast as three seconds.  Having an item in your cart does not guarantee that item, only checkout will guarantee it.  So if we have only 50 of one doll available for instance and 75 people have it in their shopping cart only the first 50 to check out will get it, the rest it will drop off at checkout because it is no longer available.
We can only ship to your billing address.  We will not be able to change the ship to once the order is placed.  We will not ship to secondary shippers that forward packages to countries we do not ship to. 

We only ship to the following Countries: