Eshe as
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Eshe as "Madame Isabella"

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Madame Isabella
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Eshe as Madame Isabella

Continuing with our collection of Great Women and Fashion History we bring you the Catholic Queen of Spain Isabella.  Eshe is representing Queen Isabella of Spain, in her incredible gown.  Consisting of three pieces, a dress, a hoop skirt and an overcoat with high collar, and of course her shoes and jewelry.  Comes with a stand.  Eshe is a fully articulated doll with 19 points of articulation and made of exclusive JAMIEshow J-Resin.  She comes with a rooted interchangeable wig cap which can be work by any of our other JAMIEshow dolls.  

This is a limited edition of 30 Dolls Worldwide.

Please note:
 Last minute change, the color on the jacket has changed since the photo's were taken.  Instead of rhinestones it will have a monogrammed design, 
please look at the last picture to see what it looks like.  Thank you.

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