Cool Breeze Dalpinder Chowdhury Fashion Figure
Cool Breeze Dalpinder Chowdhury Fashion Figure

Cool Breeze Dalpinder Chowdhury Fashion Figure

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Cool Breeze Dalpinder Chowdhury
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Cool Breeze
Dalpinder Chowdhury™ Fashion Figure
The Monarchs Homme™: Atmosphere Collection

The Story:

Fans have been arguing for a little while now, who is the better looking brother? Tajinder or Dalpinder? No one seems to agree on that one, but there is one thing for sure, the twins have become everyone's new favorite superstars and their popularity has already started to grow on an international level!

Co-star of "Atmosphere", a fresh new romantic comedy filmed on location at an ultra-exotic, remote Pacific island, Dalpinder Chowdhury is really sharing the full range of his talent with the cast and the director could not be more pleased! Just wait and see, the finale scene of this production will be quite a shocker and audiences will be talking about this for years to come!


  • 12.5-inch fully articulated vinyl fashion figure with rooted hair;
  • Pastel micro "suede" jacket and linen trousers;
  • Short sleeved shirt;
  • Faux-leather sandals;
  • Matching faux-leather belt;
  • Mini-hoop earrings;
  • Braided bracelet;
  • Bespoke timepiece;
  • Large brim pork pie hat;
  • Tiger eye beaded necklace;
  • Alternate pair of hands;
  • Fashion figure stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.

Head Sculpt: Callum/Tajinder/Dalpinder 1.0
Body Type: Monarchs 1.0
Skin Tone: Light Honey
Hair Color: Dark Brown Mix
Eyelashes: No
Quickswitch: No

Limited Edition: 625 Figures
Expected Ship Date: Early Oct. 2020

Prototype shown, final production fabrics, colors, and

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