Natalie "Black Pearl"

Natalie "Black Pearl"

Featuring Natalie 2.0, a revised version of Natalie sculpt.  Natalie "Black Pearl" is bringing us Super Model fierceness in this runway look.  Dressed in an incredible black silk dress lined in lace, matching her lace pantyhose.  Dressed is gathered and ruched with a long train, black stiletto heels, fur handbag, and pearl drop earrings.  She wear a rooted severe wig cap braided in silver.   Made of JAMIEshow exclusive smooth resin, she has a lustrous appearance.  Linda has 19 points of articulation and is a ball jointed resin fashion doll.  Doll stand included as well additional flat head cap for wigs. 

Ltd. Edition of 50 Dolls Worldwide

Featuring newly designed Rooted Wig Cap Design

Rooted Wig Cap